Emoji Power

Instagram has recently announced its 10 most used emojis of 2016 and surprisingly most of them involve a heart.

Since the bygone days of MySpace emojis have been a big thing. From the classic colon and closed bracket 🙂 or the more complex cuddling Kirby creatures (>”)> <(“<) to the 2,800+ emojis currently available on iPhone iOS 12.

But why the heck are these little cartoons so popular and how can they help your business online?

Since the age of the text message and text talk, it has been hard for users to express emotion through text alone. A simple greeting could be read like a blunt Hello. But if you add a smiley face Hello. 🙂 the message is suddenly happy! You get the idea.

Social Media and Text Talk

How does text talk help your business on social media? We’ve all struggled to fit a strong message with emotion into a 280 character tweet, but adding a little smiley face emoji brightens up the tweet and more importantly, it brings the tweet to life. Suddenly it’s not just another automated tweet it’s a handwritten tweet by a relatable human.

Simple emojis can help brands become more relatable to their audiences, a laughing face at the end of a tweet responding to a happy customer can go a long way!

Like with hashtags you can go a little overboard if you have 20 emojis in a single tweet people may just nod off. There’s a delicate balance and there’s always the matter of relevance. Always question if you should send the smirking emoji to an unhappy tweeter.

Granted not all brands will find emojis suitable in daily tweets, but when responding to customers add a little smiley face and lighten the tone.

Go on try an emoji tweet if you haven’t already! Don’t restrict yourself to Twitter either, Instagram and Facebook are just as accepting of the occasional emoji!