6 Branding Tips for Startups - Content Creation

Creating content can be a challenge for many companies. However, it is always important to focus your attention on keeping your content on brand. This blog discusses 6 branding tips for startups and all basics for all businesses.


A key benefit for ensuring your content is on-brand is it provides consistency across all the different channels you implement in your marketing mix. Whether it is online or offline. In addition, it helps consumers understand what your company is about and strengthens the potential of turning them into customers.

Apple and Coca-cola are two big brands that do this exceptionally well. I bet you could instantly recognise each brand from any of their marketing content without seeing a logo. But, we know these are big brands with big budgets, but the strategy behind it can be implemented within any size of company.

We are going to take you through 6 tips that will help you keep your content on brand.


1. Identify your brand message

Identifying your overall brand message creates your foundation for producing content. This is super important. Many of us utilise omni-channel marketing, so developing a sturdy base is required for consistency of message across all channels.

Extra Tip – If you are yet to fully define your key message, aim for clarity and simplicity. You should be able to tell a person in 10 words or less what your brand message is.


2. Establish guidelines

The next step of preparation is to establish guidelines. This will include information such as platform goals, formats for content types and frequency plans etc. This provides a great reference tool for the person managing your marketing. Plus, if there is a cross over period it can help settle a new person into the role.


3. Set a tone of voice for the brand

Establish your tone of voice, this will help define the personality of your brand. Consider the phrasing and wording that best represents your brand. Avoid using strong terms or words outside of your selected tone of voice as it will break consistency.

An easy way to understand the optimum tone of voice is to look at how your target audience speaks. In addition, utilising a consistent tone of voice, will help your marketing efforts thrive.


4. Brand visuals

Consistency of brand within your content is not just limited to your message and tone of voice, visuals are crucial too.

Whether it is in graphics, photos or videos, they all reinforce the visual identity of the brand. This can be done through implementing your brand colours, logo, or objects and people that make up your brand identity.

Visuals can help create higher engagement levels and develop a stronger connection with the target audience faster than text can. This is why reaffirming your brand identity within your visuals is so important.


5. Plan content in advance 

Keeping everything on brand in terms of content does not mean limiting yourself in variety. You should establish a range of different topic categories and explore all the different topic talking points within them.

Following this, building it into a content plan will help you visualise if there are gaps regarding topics you should include. Plus, it will help you keep on track with developing your content if plans are created in advance.


6. Create value for your target audience 

Your content should be consistent and reflect your brand, but also create a valuable experience for your target audience. If you manage to do this, you will start to develop your reputation as a brand. This will make sure you are the number one company your target audience thinks of when they have a related need.

By keeping your content on brand you help your target audience build a connection with your company and ultimately drive the increase in value of your brand. Therefore, ensuring higher levels of success within all your marketing efforts.

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