Lancashire Social Media Tip – Twitter Hours

Twitter hours are a fantastic way to develop your Twitter profile, build a local online community and connect with other users in your area. Think of the local Twitter hour as a town meeting. Everyone is invited and the objective is to connect, get to know one another and keep up to date with local news.

In Lancashire, we have a great business community with many using Twitter. If you wish to connect with other North-West organisations use the following Lancashire social media tip: Twitter hours.

#PrestonHour – Mondays, 8-9pm.

#LancashireHour – Thursdays, 8-9pm

#NorthWestHour – Wednesdays, 8-9pm.

Tweet and follow the above hashtags at the days and times listed to get involved.

Tips For Twitter Hours

Below are our three key tips for success on a local Lancashire Twitter hour.

  1. Be Social – The whole idea behind these hours is to connect with other locals on Twitter. Therefore, be social. Get involved and chat to other users that are present during the hour. Like any conversation have topics at hand to keep the conversation flowing. Ask users about their week, ask them about their business and find out where they are based in Lancashire. All perfect conversation starters.
  2. Help Others – Many businesses in Lancashire use these Twitter hours to promote their business, products or services. Help them out! Retweet their updates, put them in touch with others who may need their services and follow their profile. Help others on Twitter and they will return the favour.
  3. Don’t Automate – People are intelligent and can tell if an account is automated and targeting a Twitter hour. Put the effort in and be present during these hours. Tweet on the go and communicate in real-time. Nothing screams disinterest more than automating tweets to hit these hours.

Hope you have found the tips above helpful and interesting. Are you going to take part in the next Preston, Lancashire or North West hour? Struggling to get started? Tweet us (@lucky6marketing) during one of these hours. We will tweet you back!