Looking Back At The EVAs – Enterprise Vision Awards 2019

Last year we did something special for our regular EVAs (Enterprise Vision Awards) night out. We bought a table and invited friends and business contacts along for a boozy night out. Of course, it was a networking event, wink wink, and much important business was conducted.

Terri was nominated under the Small Business category so this gave us the perfect excuse to celebrate with a few special people. Spoiler alert; Terri did not win but this was not an expectation going to the event. Our real aim was to create memories with friends and the people we love.

A year on, we find ourselves in lockdown with socialising now being a lot different, not to mention large events cancelled since March 2020. This makes us even more glad that we took the time to organise and host our table. What a fantastic evening it was.

EVAs 2019 - The Lucky 6 Marketing table
Photo of the Lucky 6 Marketing table upon arrival at the EVAs 2019. Click the image to see the official EVAs photos on the Facebook page.

Meet The People That Made The EVAs 2019 So Fantastic

See below to meet the people that made the night so special and find out about their business in Lancashire. Fortunately, and quite predictably, we took our camera to snap some professional pictures. Some of which can be seen below.

Bev Wood, from BWD and her husband Colin

Our EVAs (Enterprise Vision Awards) experience began with Bev back in 2015 when she invited us to sit on her table. This quickly became a tradition and we found ourselves becoming comfortable drinking companions in 2015, 2016 and 2017. We have great memories of these events thanks to Bev and Colin.

We like to think we brought a bit of luck to Bev during those events but it is down to her amazing skill and hard work as a business owner that she won awards at two of those events. Finally, in 2019 we were able to repay her kindness and host both Bev and Colin on the Lucky 6 Marketing table. It would not be the same without them!

Find out more about BWD.

Mandy and Craig from NetDec

It has been a huge pleasure to work with Craig and Mandy from NetDec. We have known them for many years via Shout Network and they are our go-to IT advisers. Craig and Mandy are a rarity. They are consummate socialites and hugely enjoyable to chat with and yet they are IT experts.

Of the many memories we have with Craig and Mandy one of our most remarkable was the time we were thrown out of Pizza Hut for chatting so long. Apparently, it closes at 10 pm.

Find out more about NetDec. 

Andy Dobson, from Clear Double Glazing and his long-suffering wife Julie

Andy does not need any introduction for anyone that knows him.  Over the years he has spared time to chat and offer advice on many business topics. We had the pleasure of seeing him at many social events and respect his ability to drink and enjoy life.

Also, getting Andy to the EVAs was a complete coup. For many years he has expressed strong opinions about such events. In the end, it only took a crate of beer and a little cajoling from Craig to get him to come along.

Find out more about Clear Double Glazing.

Rachel and Lisa from Cheetham Jackson Mortgages

We were super happy Rachel and Lisa could come along to the EVAs (Enterprise Vision Awards) 2019. Since our first office in Leyland, we have had the pleasure of knowing Rachel and she had been a continued inspiration for us. Since 2013 we have witnessed Rachel transform and develop her business, growing from a team of three to ten.

Rachel has since become a consultant vegan to Terri and offers great weekly recipes as well as industry-leading mortgage advice.

Find out more about Cheetham Jackson Mortgages.

Other special mentions from EVAs 2019

There are a few other people from the event that we must mention. Although they were not on the Lucky 6 Marketing table, it was fantastic to see them at the event.

Jacs and Mike from PNG Digital

We attended EVAs 2018 as a guest of Jacs and Mike. Sitting on the PNG table that year was much fun and inspired us to fund the Lucky 6 Marketing table at the 2019 event. This was probably a good thing as Terri and Jacs were nominated in the same category in 2019!

Jacs and Mike have helped us much over the years. We first worked with them back in 2015 and to this day, Mike still jokes that Terri sent him the biggest print file he has ever seen! Since that time they have helped us many times with quick print jobs, print advice and design guidance.

Find out more about PNG Digital.

Kristen from Red Star Wealth and Izzy

Kristen needs no introduction. She is a born leader, highly motivated and a decisive businesswoman. Izzy is a truly creative and courageous independent young women. Both are such a pleasure to chat with.

One of our very first video projects was commissioned by Kristen and since then we have enjoyed working with them on a variety of projects. Every year we have the pleasure of catching up with Kristen and Izzy at the EVAs and it was no different in 2019.

Find out more about Red Star Wealth.

Belinda and Lindsey from Campbell and Rowley Catering

Some of the very first networking meetings we attended in 2011-12 we had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey. Since then it has been inspirational to see how he and the team at Campbell and Rowley Catering have grown their operation.

At every EVAs (Enterprise Vision Awards) and many other events, we have enjoyed the food created by Campbell and Rowley catering. Towards the end of the night at the EVAs 2019, a slightly merry Lee snapped the picture above.

Find out more about Campbell and Rowley Catering.

What is your favourite business event memory?

Thank you for joining us on this trip down memory lane. It is truly odd to find ourselves in the world’s biggest pandemic in 100 years. In 2019 we never foresaw events such as this being cancelled and the business community of Lancashire not being able to meet up in person.

Memories of events such as this and being able to share our time with such fantastic people keep us motivated at Lucky 6 Marketing.

Please spare a moment and comment below with your favourite memory from a business event so that we can all share in the happy memories.