Your invite To The Lucky 6 Barbecue

Join us this month for our first ever barbeque! Free food, free drinks and a fantastic networking opportunity. Our belated celebration of the new Lucky 6 Marketing office in Preston.
Are you going to come down? If so let our very own Terri Juniper know with a quick email to

About the Lucky 6 Barbeque

Date: 15th September 2016
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Unit 5 – Cart Shed, Clifton Fields, Preston, PR4 0XG.

This event is a celebration for Lucky 6 Marketing as one of the only social media specialists in Lancashire and a company that has been trading for over five years. It is also a celebration of you: our clients, our supporters and those that have accompanied us on this journey.

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Possibly one of the last barbeques this year, let’s see off Summer in style. Will you be coming to the Lucky 6 Barbeque?

If you wish to bring your own food to the barbeque, please do so and we will cook it for you. There will be vegetarian snacks as well as the regular burgers and hotdogs. There will also be soft drinks as well as some low alcoholic options for those that are not driving.

Take this opportunity to look around the Lucky 6 Marketing office, home of social media management in Preston, Lancashire. We are also hoping to open some of the adjacent empty offices for your perusal of the unique private office estate.

There will be many businesses in attendance so bring plenty of business cards as you never know who you may meet. Also expect your photo to be taken as we snap shots all day for use on social media. It would be impolite not to! Think of it as free social media promotion as a guest at this event.

If you are attending the Lucky 6 Marketing barbeque let Terri know with a quick email to