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Having your business featured in a publication goes hand in hand with social media. The perception of your business can be significantly improved in your customer’s eyes and even those of your competitors. Find out how you can make PR in Lancashire work for you!

Recent developments in the world of press releases mean there are now two publication goals. The first is the traditional route of having your press release published in print. Be that a newspaper or magazine. The second is to have your press release published online, often on PR websites, directories or online magazines.


Why Are Press Releases Important for Businesses in Lancashire?

Having your business featured online or in print has significant value for your overall marketing efforts. The online and print publications offer different benefits but overall the following three features apply to both.


Raise your profile

Extending your marketing reach is always advantageous. You never know who may be reading your article. They may be interested in your service or product immediately, they may get to know your business through this article and buy from you later. One article may reach 100 readers, but several over a short time may reach 700 readers giving you gradual exposure to new potential markets and customers.


Saves you advertising spend

I was once told by an old PR pro that the best way to calculate the basic value of your press release is by the amount of space it takes up in a newspaper/magazine. Let’s say your article takes up half a page within a local newspaper. They sell their half-page adverts at £200 per publication. Therefore, having your article featured on half a page has saved you £200 in advertising spends.


Improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google is a fantastic tool. It uses advanced algorithms, bits of computer code and software to work out where to place your website within a Google search. One such factor it takes into account is the overall presence of your business online. This includes your business being mentioned in authentic press articles featuring other relevant keywords. Basically, being talked about online is a good thing for your SEO.


How To Make A Press Releases Work

Like many aspects of PR and marketing, a good press release requires skill. Anybody can throw words and sentences together. Mediocre skill takes care of spelling and grammar. Good skill allows your press release to be noticed. Exceptional skill will get your press release published and make your business stand out.

Below are just three factors to take into consideration to make your Press Release work well for you.


Pitch the idea

The idea is the core of any successful press release. In essence, it is a story about your business, most likely its success and like any story it has to be told well. Therefore, it helps if the story is a good one to begin with. Brainstorm your ideas before you begin. Classic press releases often cover the following:
• Celebration of years trading
• Winning a new customer or project
• Launching a new product or service
• Profiling business growth
• Team development and taking on new employees


Be creative with the copy

A press release needs to be written by a competent and experienced writer. As well as being factual and correct your article needs to be interesting to read. It needs to hold the reader’s attention and make the job of the journalist easier. A press release has its own type of structure so seek skill and experience in anyone that writes them for you.


It’s not what you know it’s who you know

Finally, after achieving all of the above you need to get the article published. This can be helped significantly by having contacts within your chosen publication. Just like advertising you are pitching for space against other businesses so any advantage you can gain is very much helpful.


We Can Help With Your Digital Press Release – PR in Lancashire

80% of all the work we carry out for clients’ involves written content. If you have a story you wish to tell we can write your press release for you. Sounds interesting? We can do this for just £150. Give it a try, email us at or call us on 01772 935 116

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