Social Media in June 2016

In a month that saw the UK vote to leave the EU it is easy to miss important social media developments. In the background, the social media platforms that we use to communicate are continuing to develop, change and improve. Read below for this month’s noteworthy social media news.  

360 on Facebook

If a picture is worth a thousand words how many is a 360 panoramic picture worth? Facebook is set to find out with the release of their 360 photos. As a user, you can now take a panoramic on your phone (both iOS & Android) and upload this to Facebook. Your friends can then look around the panoramic photo at their own leisure. This is only the beginning. Expect to see more of these 360 developments taking place on the Facebook timeline. Your social experience is about to become a lot more immersive. Check back soon to read our blog on the Oculus technology being developed by Facebook.

Bigger videos on Twitter

In another large development step for Twitter, the 30-second video limit has been lifted. Now you can shoot and upload 140-second-long videos. This update is live and ready to use. It seems video is the new battleground for the large social media platforms and this is Twitter’s latest way of developing a competitive edge. Do you think it will work? Will you publish longer videos on Twitter? Take a look at last month’s blog for the developments in twitter length announced by their CEO

100 million calls a day

Have you ever made a call on WhatsApp? It seems many do. Recent data released by Facebook-owned WhatsApp stats 100 million conversations take place via their call feature every day! How is this number so high? Although WhatsApp only enjoys moderate success in the UK, being used predominantly as a messenger app it is used widely throughout the middle east. The main draw being that communications on WhatsApp are encrypted and cannot be tracked by domestic governments. It seems 1,100 calls a second value this privacy. Use it or not WhatsApp is certainly a huge communications platform within the world.  

300 million active daily users on Instagram

Who would have thought a polaroid style photo would be so captivating? With a higher daily usage ratio than Facebook, the proof is in the picture. Recent stats released by Instagram show they have now reached the dizzy heights of 500 million users, 300 million of which use the app every single day! Do you use Instagram? Why do you think it has been so successful? Check out our window on the world and be sure to follow us   That’s it for this month. Have we missed anything? What are your noteworthy social media developments from June 2016? Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this blog you can find many more on the blog section of the Lucky 6 Marketing website: