Social Media – Sharing Is Caring

Social Media is all about sharing. Sharing what you’ve had for dinner is popular on Instagram, whilst sharing what you’ve been up to on Facebook is common place. It’s important that we continue to share every one of our worldly experiences; whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Snapchat. Whilst we’ve been sharing our lives, what have the various social media platforms recently been sharing with us?

New Year, New LinkedIn!

In January LinkedIn unveiled to us its huge redesign, one that even Trinny and Suzannah would be proud of! Aesthetically pleasing, LinkedIn now comes with some new very cool features.

One of LinkedIn’s latest feature is a system whereby you can now see who is viewing the content that you’re sharing. You can also see what company they’re working for, their job title and even their location!

Being able to refine whatever you’re after is going to make your search miles easier. With now just one universal search box, you can refine your search by filtering through your options on the right-hand side of the box.

If you need your profile to stand out then LinkedIn can now help with this too. LinkedIn have improved profile suggestions enabling you to look as professional as possible.

Facebook, tell us a story!

You may’ve noticed recently that at the top of your Facebook feed there are lots of little circles filled with your friends faces. Well, if you click on these then up pops for a brief few moments what your friends have been up to in picture format.

By being able to view the picture just twice in 24 hours, Facebook enables users to keep the content “snappy” (see what I did there?), up to date and therefore relevant.

This isn’t new though… Following Snapchat’s huge success with ‘Memories’, Instagram launched its own version called ‘Stories’ in August 2016. Following on from both of their success’ Facebook trialled for a short time ‘Stories’ in Messenger and in March this year ‘Stories’ finally made it onto our feed.

Twitter feels ‘Liter’!

Earlier this month, Twitter released its latest version, Twitter Lite. In a nutshell, it basically gives users the opportunity to save on data whilst using either a mobile or tablet device.

According to the twitter website,, the version loads quickly on slower connections, is resilient on unreliable mobile networks, and takes up less than 1MB on your device. But it doesn’t finish there…

For the first time if you’re based in the Asia Pacific, Latin America or Africa, you can now access Twitter through your mobile device. It’s a pretty incredible really to think that so many people up until recently were cut off from the twitter sphere.

So, how do I access Twitter Lite? Well, if you click on your profile picture and scroll down then you will come across a switch which says, “Data Saver”. Switch this on and then you’re ready to go!

For now, those are all of the major updates in the world of social media – I think! Have I missed anything? What are your noteworthy social media developments from 2017 so far?