Social Media – The Marathon

It is always inspirational to watch the London Marathon. The drama of the elite athletes pushing the limits of the human body.  The armature runners pushing for personal goals in record numbers.

These challenges are like those faced when a business wishes to be successful on social media. It is an endurance pursuit that requires planning and much effort. Get it right and you can do something great. Get it wrong and it could cause quite a bit of pain.

With this in mind take a look at the marathon inspired tips below to help plan your social media.

Make sure you get to the marathon

Prior to running a marathon, it is recommended that you train, set a reasonable goal for your level and plan for the actual day. You can still run and complete a marathon without this stage but it is more likely you will not achieve your absolute best. It is also much more likely to end in misery.

Social media also requires planning and a reasonable goal. If you are just beginning your digital marketing journey your goal may just be to set everything up and get it working on a weekly basis. If your company is larger it may be your goal to significantly improve your exposure and generate leads.

Your goal is to finish

Getting to the actual marathon is your first goal. Finishing is your second. This is where the real work begins. The pursuit of pushing the human body and mind to its limits. Persevering when the going gets tough and carrying on until the race is done.

Social media is the same. You may think the planning and preparation is hard but wait until your daily marketing activities are underway. Now you must persevere even when you are tired, when the office is busy and even when you have a day off. Just like the marathon you must push through these hardships and towards your goal.

Why not try to set a good time?

Some athletes, both amateur and professional, decide that if they are going to run a marathon why not set a good time? A time that sets them apart and really tests their ability. This is their time to excel and perform way above average.

To achieve this both in a marathon and on social media takes special determination. Set a high goal. Plan to achieve it both in preparation and then when taking part. For social media, this may be a goal of going viral, achieving a certain number of new likes or even new leads.

Dream big and set a record

This is for the elites. Those who live for running and are fully professional. They instinctively know the basics and only settle for winning. Their lives revolve around their sport.

In social media, this is for those that already produce and manage excellent social media. It is their life and sole pursuit. Marketing is more than a passion and they push the boundaries of what is possible online. These marketing experts will define new strategies and enhance the entire market.


Whatever your ability or goal in both running and social media there is a famous saying that defines both pursuits. It is not the winning but the taking part that matters. Go for a jog, improve your fitness, health and set a goal. Maybe you will run the next marathon. Plan and use your Social media profiles every day. Tell your story, share your experience and take part in the digital world. Both will lead to fulfillment and rewards that will satisfy your soul.