Vlog - 12 Hour Working Day

For the past five years networking has helped me develop Lucky 6 Marketing. It currently makes up a large part of the Lucky 6 Marketing week but it was not always like that.

Networking in the early days of Lucky 6 Marketing

I am not a natural at networking. It used to really test me and push my boundaries. However, I quickly found that networking is quite like anything else in life: the more you do it, the more familiar and easier it becomes. It’s all a question of habit. As I recently found out habits, good or bad, can actually change the structure of your brain.

How Positive Actions Can Change How Your Mind Works

Recently I watched a programme on BBC iPlayer called “The Brain with David Eagleman” If you share a curiosity about how the human brain works I highly recommend you watch it. One of the brief takeaways from the series is the knowledge that the human mind actually changes itself as a result of repetitive actions. For example, if you read a lot your concentration, especially for reading, will improve. This also applies to business and networking.

In The Vlog

In this Vlog I find myself at Zone Networking in Leyland. Following this I return home where I meet up with fellow director of Lucky 6 Marketing, Terri Juniper. From our house we head to the Guild Hall in Preston for the Lancashire Business Expo 2016 Exhibitors Meeting. We then make our way down Preston high-street for a quick working lunch. The Vlog concludes at the Lucky 6 office in Clifton, Lancashire almost twelve hours following the beginning of the day. A regular day in the life for a digital marketing couple based in Lancashire. Thanks for watching and see my other videos on my YouTube profile.