What are the roles on a Facebook page?

Page Roles offer some fantastic ways to manage your Facebook page with a team of marketing experts. This gives you the option to use multiple people to contribute, analyse and manage your Facebook page. As social media management becomes more skilled this can be a great way to utilise individual skills to maximise the success of your page.

Facebook Page Roles

Below is a concise list of Page Role types and what each allows the user to do with your page.

  1. Admin – The ultimate access to your page. An admin can do anything on your business page including management of page roles and deletion of the page. Be certain of someone’s credentials before allowing them access to this role. If uncertain assign them the Editor role or one of the relevant roles above.
  2. Editor – With this role, someone can do pretty much anything on your page, including all the above, without access to the most important page settings. This means an editor cannot delete your page or edit the page roles. They can post updates to your page, edit the page descriptions and add apps.
  3. Moderator –  A moderator can also remove or ban people from your page, manage comments to the page and reply to messages on the page. Think of this role as a management account without the ability to publish updates onto the timeline. A must for any busy page.
  4. Advertiser – Facebook makes just about all its money from advertising. As you could imagine this means it has a huge advertising platform built on the site. This role allows you to give access to a skilled professional to run adverts on your behalf. Very handy for making sure you get the most from your money and that you do not overspend your budget. Advertisers also have access to your analytics.
  5. Analyst – This allows the selected user to view all your analytics section as well as see which users published which status updates. A handy page role for overseeing and advising on a page’s development.


Can You Send Me The Facebook Pages Login?

This is a common question we are asked by clients. It is important to understand that you cannot log in to a Facebook Page. Only Facebook users that are assigned a Role within a Facebook page can access the page settings and post on the behalf of the page.

Think of it this way. To access your page, you need to login into your own personal Facebook account. As a Facebook user, you can access your page. When you appoint us, or god forbid, a less talented social media company, to manage your page you do not have to give access to your personal account. So don’t give anyone your Facebook logins. Assign your chosen party a Page Role. This will give them the access they need to your page. Your personal account remains private.