5 Ideas That Will Help With Content Creation Post-Lockdown

The end of lockdown brings new challenges. As organisations return to a new ‘normal’ routine many will struggle to adapt. With a little planning and the right resources, this challenge can be anticipated.


Below you will find five post-lockdown ideas and topics. Use these to help your marketing team create compelling and relevant updates for your social media.

Being proactive with your digital marketing, right now, will make your stand out online while many other fall silent during the struggle. 

Turn Basic Information Into Content

Reassure your customers. Remind them of fundamental factors regarding your business. Tell them about opening times, developments in your service and how to get in contact.

Over the past year, even the most established norms, going shopping, visiting a park and travelling have changed significantly. Many of your customers will be asking themselves if your premises is open or other basic questions.

Don’t let their doubt cause them to find an excuse not to visit or purchase from you. Reassure by making it super clear how your service is operating.

A great example of this is the campaign launched by McDonald’s in May 2020. This video highlighted how their service and products where to change and clearly outlined basic information during the first lockdown.

YouGov reports this campaign achieved the highest uplift of any brand in the UK with a 17.3 point rise in Ad Awareness.


Become a sector leader and expert

During the past year, there have been considerable changes to many business sectors in the UK. You have a unique opportunity to share your sector expertise with your target market.

Think about all the cultural and behavioural changes that have lead to the developments within your sector. Explore these developments in blogs and LinkedIn articles or break them down into smaller Twitter and Facebook updates.

What are your predictions for the future? Share your ideas and beliefs about how the current market developments will shape your sector in the coming year or decade. This is great to develop a unique selling point and to differentiate your brand.

As a minimum, you can link to other blogs and news updates regarding your sector so that your social media feeds become an excellent location for finding relevant information.


Profile life and careers at your workplace

People on social media are nosy. They want to see what you are up to. So, show them.

Workplace news is a staple for many social media profiles and a pleasant topic to help fill demanding content schedules. This is more so the fact now everyone is returning to work.

As lockdown ends and routines change, show your online audience what this means for your business. They will be experiencing the same changes, so simple updates such as these will resonate and help connect your brand to customers.

Office news ideas:

  • Employees birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Workplace tour
  • Employee introductions
  • Special deliveries
  • Profile the favourite part of the office
  • General exterior and interior photos
  • Profile jobs taking place
  • Activities during breaks


Share your digital developments

Many businesses have used the recent change in routine to develop their marketing and appearance. If you have developed your website, be sure to tell your followers on social media. Take time to draft several updates. Send two the first week, one the following week and one the month after.

Nobody will know about your new website unless you tell them.

Don’t forget that if you have been playing around with new social media platforms, tell your followers. For example, many have joined TikTok in the past year. Share your profile with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Capture location-specific updates

Just like office news, these types of updates are a good one to fall back upon. Better still, they are time relevant and often relatively easy to produce. However, do keep in mind that this type of content should form part of a more significant mix. See below for more dos and don’ts.


  • Spend time to create a more original and fun update about your location.
  • Have the confidence to share an update that you are not 100% sure about.
  • Build a routine that allows you to share these updates consistently over time.
  • Snap a gorgeous photo to accompany the update. Take a few and choose the best.


  • Send a generic “Look, it’s sunny/raining/hurricane…”
  • Publish this type of update just because you need to. Publish something interesting, creative and fun.
  • Ignore comments or interactions that take place on the update.
  • Use this strategy if it does not fit your overall brand.


You have a unique opportunity to stand out. Deliver value to your audience during a difficult and challenging time. Be a positive voice by using the powerful tool which social media can be for your business. Spending a little time to plan, create and publish great content right now is a strong marketing investment for the future.

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