6 Key Tips For Amazing Social Content

All good social media begins with great creativity. One of the questions we are asked most often is how do we manage to come up with so many creative updates?

We believe creativity is a skill that can be learned and developed rather than being something you do or don’t have. With this in mind, we have put together the following list of tips and tricks to improve your creativity.

1 – Nothing is incorrect

To get into the flow of good creativity you have to be allowed to think freely. If your ideas are dismissed as incorrect your train of thought will be stifled. The best practice is to projectile vomit your ideas onto a shared work board and later pick out the best chunks.

2 – Know your time

Creative thinking is a high cognitive activity. This means it takes much energy to come up with great content. It can be tiring and often you need to be in the right spirit to think at your creative best. Know what time of day you do the best work and schedule appropriately.

3 – Find inspiration

Inspiration is the soil in which creative ideas grow and blossom. For the best creative inspiration look outside of the mainstream media. Read obscure blogs (like this one), visit small and less popular art galleries. Make finding inspiration a part of your life.

4 – Educate yourself

Have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning about anything and everything. Once you have developed a wider education of culture you will find your creativity naturally flows.

5 – Make it fun

Creating great content can easily become a full time job. Once this happens it will be relegated to just another task during your day. It is important to never lose the fun that creating good content often embodies.

6 – Be passionate

The word passion comes from the Latin verb “patere” which means to suffer. You must care so much about great creative content that you enthuse and desire to the point of suffering. This is when you are pushing the boundaries and this is when you will produce the best content.

How do you create great content? Please add your tips and tricks below.