Lantei Compliance Services

Bespoke social media training in Preston for the Chief Executive of Lantei Compliance Services and his marketing team.

An innovative and forward thinking electrical test company Lantei Compliance Services are widely respected in Preston and throughout the UK. With a distinct vision and a huge amount of motivation their Chief Executive, Anthony Smith, is famous for his excellent business acumen, innovative vision for their sector and can-do attitude.

With offices in London, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Glasgow and Preston Lantei have engineers that cover the entire UK. In recent history as well as offering their range of electrical testing services Lantei have also begun to offer seminars for accredited duty holders. Just like their core services these seminars are also offered throughout the UK.

Upon establishing a nationwide business Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of Lantei Compliance Services setup a charity called Helping Preston. A charity with a goal to support local social organisation within the PR postcode and to use the resource of his successful company to make a significant difference in the community.

I Need Bespoke Training Too!

If you are looking for bespoke social media training for your in house marketing team, new members of staff or apprentices, we can help. We offer a range of training solutions which can be found on our training page below!

“We all really enjoyed the session and got plenty of tips and ideas from it to improve our social media activity. Lucky 6 Marketing were brilliant and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Lucky 6 Marketing were chosen to deliver the social media training to Lantei by Lindsay Meredith. As a branding, marketing and communications consultant Lindsay had been working with Lantei to assist with their overall marketing strategy and digital development. She chose Lucky 6 Marketing to add specialised social media insight into this overall plan.

A bespoke half day training session was developed just for Lantei’s needs that covered their use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As the session was delivered adjustments were made to the content to make sure their exact needs and requirements were met.

The content of the session was concise, in depth and made use of the experience Lucky 6 Marketing have developed over the past six years. New digital marketing strategies were developed during the session that would allow Lantei to stay ahead of their competition and stand out online.

It was a fun, energetic and lively social media training session with tangible results. The Lucky 6 Marketing team thoroughly enjoyed working with Lantei and Lindsay Meredith.

If your business is in need of social media training please get in contact. Email us at info@lucky6marketing.com or call 01772 643967.