Sometimes it can be advantageous to manage your own social media in-house, so make sure it is as good as it could ever be with bespoke social media training from Lucky 6 Marketing.

With a dedicated in-house social media team or executive, you have the opportunity to publish consistent and up-to-the-minute updates. Develop and curate a behind the scenes insight that delivers value to your market. A unique view of your business that your competitors cannot copy.

Bespoke Social Media Training in Lancashire

Our social media training service is designed to help develop your internal marketing team or executive. Digital marketing is always developing and adapting. Make sure you do not miss the next online opportunity.

Onsite Training

We deliver the training in your office, person to person or to a group if needed. This allows your team to learn the procedures and strategies at their very own workstations. However, if you do need an alternative location we can deliver this training at our office or other locations.

Bespoke to your needs

After you have contacted us we will discuss your exact social media requirements. Your business, average customer and the general market will also be analysed. We will then design a social media strategy for your exact needs. A convenient time will be agreed and we will deliver the training over a half or full day to your team.

Social Media Training Outcome

Following our 1-2-1 training, your employee(s) will have the knowledge and resources needed to manage and develop your business social media. As part of our service, we will follow up the session with a review to see how successful the training has been.
If this sound like the right solution for your business, please get in contact.


Why Choose Lucky 6 Marketing for Social Media Training?

There are a few social media training providers out there but none of them can deliver what the Lucky 6 Marketing team can offer you!

  • We have unique experience. Since 2011, we have personally managed hundreds of social media accounts for clients. Our knowledge is not solely based on theory it is also made up of hard-won practical experience.
  • Social media is our specialism. We don’t build websites, we don’t offer SEO and we don’t deliver print design. This means every minute of every day we are working on social media. We can bring this specialism to your training session.
  • Our entire business is based on delivering exceptional results online. When you choose us for your 1-2-1 training you are choosing our entire business structure and the resources it brings.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you develop your in-house social media please get in contact. We love to make a difference and would love to work with you!

Call: 01772 935 116
Email: info@lucky6marketing.com