Social Media Training Services

The demand for social media training services is growing. Many businesses wish to keep their social media management in house. To ensure they are maximising their exposure and making the most of every platform they are seeking expert advice.

Both target and smaller organisations are looking at ways to maximise their social media presence in-house. Larger organisations usually have dedicated marketing teams or apprentices. Often the team are excellent in one area of marketing, but perhaps need a little guidance with social media. Smaller organisations often look to master social media skills in-house first so they know how the platforms work and learn about their audiences.

Training with Lucky 6 Marketing

We take social media training to the next level. We don’t just create a powerpoint presentation and read from the screen. We get hands on. We make it interactive. We make it all about you!

We believe social media is an extremely valuable communication tool and one that every organisation should utilise. That’s why we offer a range of social media training services. Bespoke sessions for in-house marketing teams, workshops for those looking to master certain areas of social media and consultancy to keep your in-house team on track.

Fast track your social media skills and make the most of our years of knowledge and first hand experience working with 100s of businesses in over 20 sectors! From half day sessions to ongoing support to continually top up your social media knowledge, we are on hand to help.

You can explore our 3 core training services below. Each one has a dedicated page where you can read in-depth the details of these services. If you’re not sure which service is most suitable for your needs, jut call us and we would be happy to talk you though the options.

Bespoke Social Media Training

Enjoy training made to meet your every need. We can work with your entire marketing team covering a wide range of topics or very specific aspects of social media, depending on your needs. These sessions are great for topping up your team’s knowledge and encouraging creativity. We want your team to feel energised, inspired and motivated following every single session.

Social Media Training
Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Consultancy

Our consultancy services work in a number of ways, depending on your teams. We can offer consultancy on a campaign, monthly or annual basis. We don’t simply instruct your marketing team, we get hands on and become part of your team so we can fully understand your processes. This way we can offer guidance, point out any areas that can be improved and work in unison to support the team and offer our expert advice and and when necessary. 

Social Media Workshops​

We have been hosting social media workshops from our offices for many years. These sessions cover a range of set topics and can last anywhere between 2 to 4 hours depending on the subject matter. They are most suitable for beginners and intermediates who want to brush up their skills or just get started with the basics. 

Social Media Consultancy