Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is much more than just boosting posts on Facebook every now and again. Through social media advertising you can revolutionise your entire business. Through the use of Facebook pixels to sophisticated audience creation tools, you can pinpoint the exact market you wish to target and even re-market your products to past website visitors.

For many businesses, their only experience with the world of social media advertising is spending £10 or so on a Facebook boost when promoted to do so. Facebook actively encourages you to do this, after all its all £10 and you could be reaching 100s more people. 

It may sound appealing. But who are those people you’re targeting? Are they interested in your business or even your services? What about the post you have been promoted to spend money on. Does it have a call to action. Does it feature any key messages? You could be spending money promoting an update that adds no value. People will see it, they might even like it and leave you a comment. However, beyond this, there’s every chance those people will never see your updates again. Unless of course you boost them and before you know it, that £10 adds up to a couple of hundred pounds a month. It’s suddenly not as cheap as you initially thought.

Advertising Possibilities

We take social media advertising to the next level. We create compelling, visual and well crafted advertising campaigns that are targeted to your exact audience demographic. We can specify audiences by a wide range of behaviours, demographics and interests. There’s everything from education, including where they studied to targeting users job role. 

For example, if you sell children’s clothing you could target parents with children between the ages of 4-12 shop online and have an interest in children’s clothing. 

Through social media advertising you can promote new services and products or just promote your shop location to those nearby. A campaign can be as complex or simple as you want it to be. Many businesses use advertising to reinforce overall marketing campaigns, but you can run adverts, whenever and for however long you wish.

For some of our clients we run adverts every month simply to grow their Facebook page or to increase clicks through to their website. For other clients it can be a timed campaign to promote a seasonal sale. Either way, there are numerous possibiltles and adverts can be used to promote pretty much anything, it’s all about the right visuals and targeting the correct audience. 

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is one of the most revolutionary advertising developments of the last five years. The Pixel is applied to your website and linked to your Facebook page, whilst linked the Pixel collects data from your website visitors creating audiences. You can then run an advert using this data to target last website visitors.

This in turn means you can re-market to an audience that you know has seen your business online. Which essentially means you are targeting an audience segment that you already know to be interested in your products/services. 

Using the initial Pixel data, Facebook can also use this information to create lookalike audiences. This method profiles similarities with the website visitors and profiles them in order to create a larger potential audience. This method is excellent if you really want to hone in on a specific market segment. 

One of the most revolutionary developments of the Facebook Pixel is its ability to track actions across your website. If you are running an advert to encourage website purchases, the Pixel will track the whole process from adding to a wishlist to adding to a cart and completing the order. That in itself isn’t necessarily much different from Google’s abilities. However, the accuracy is far more advanced.

Example. If a user sees your advert on their mobile device and two days later makes a purchase using a secondary device, say a desktop computer, the Pixel will know those actions are from one user and will track it as such. This gives you much more accurate data.

Advert Design

A big part of the advertising process is the audience, but more importantly than this, it’s how the advert looks. Consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to online shopping, so it’s important your products stand out for all the right reasons.  

We design all the creative artwork for adverts in house. Our skilled team explore your website and branding to create eye-catching designs to suit your audiences preferences. There are a wide range of options when it comes to advert types, from catalogues and videos to showreels. We can design the creative for all of these. 

This design process also allows us to explore your products and services which means we can recommend the most appealing products to highlight and seek out the most visual images that users will relate to. 

To aid our skills, we run multiple adverts using a range of create types. After a few days we analyse the data so far to pinpoint which images, products or videos have received the best response. This allows us to enhance the advert once again by using the most successful images with the most captivity copy.

The Process

1 - Get in Touch

It all starts with a phone call! Get in touch with us and we can set a date to meet and discuss your options in further details. In this time we can also explore your social channels and website to put together a few ideas.

2 - Explore The Options

During a meeting, at your place or ours, we can talk through all your options. That includes everything from the products you wish to promote through to the audience sector you wish to target.

3 - Set A Budget and Timeframe

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4 - Set Timeframes and Goals

Like all campaigns, it’s important to set your end goals and the timeframes in which you want to achieve them. These goals will help to strengthen the campaign and will reinforce the images, copy and advert type.

5 - Design the Creative

Now the goals, timeframes and objectives are in place, we can start getting creative! Using your branding and visuals we will put together compelling creative and team it up with captivity copy and links directly to products/services. 

6 - Analyse and Enhance

From the moment the advert has begun we analyse the data, recording any sales, click through numbers and impressions. Every 3-5 days depending on the performance we adjust the advert or run split tests in order to create the most effective advert for your budget.