Huxter Kids

Regular social media consultancy for Huxter Kids, supported with professional multimedia production. Over 10,000 people reached on Facebook without any advertisement via the use of feature videos.

Huxter Kids design and manufacture children’s’ clothing in Preston. All garments are handmade by a team of artisan seamstresses. With a focus on unique, fun and durable designs Huxter is currently going through a significant growth stage.

Three days after publishing the video above, the Facebook metrics were as follows:

• 10,000+ people reached

• 4,200+ video views

• 360 reactions/comments/shares

• 960 post clicks

These metrics were achieved without any advertising spend.

Setup by Sophie, wife to an army officer, Huxter benefits from a strong British Army clientele. As a result, their children’s clothing is shipped across the world to serving personnel, their friends and families.

Enjoying much success it is Sophie’s ambition to see the Huxter brand in flagship retail stores across the UK. As an office neighbour to Lucky 6 Marketing, Huxter benefits from much advice, guidance and multimedia support.

“Lucky 6 Marketing are a mine of media knowledge, I could not recommend them highly enough.”

The Power of Video for Huxter Kids

Here you can watch two of the videos produced from the live workshop. The first is a collection of footage outlining the day and profiling the activities involved. This video is to capture the interest of future participants.

The second video is an interview from one of the workshop attendees.  

Being an office neighbour to Lucky 6 Marketing lead to natural social media consultancy. During discussions about general business topics, the talk would often flow to the subject of social media and marketing in general.

From these discussions, informal plans for future social media activities were put into place. By applying the analysis of social media metrics successful content was highlighted and updates planned. It was during these sessions that the importance of video to the Huxter Kids brand was established.

Bespoke visual products, such as those made by Huxter Kids, lend themselves nicely to video content. By profiling the skill that goes into making the clothes, the story behind the business and the office space, the Facebook videos communicated many valuable messages in a single update.