Red Star Wealth Management

300 clicks, a reach of over 10,000 and a total of 1,460 minutes viewed. Social media videos in Lancashire, for Red Star Wealth Management.

From their office in Blackpool, they take independent financial advice to the next level. This is built from the ground up with a dedicated personal service and the motivation to make a difference.

Kristen Durose, the Managing Director, leads from the front with energy, conviction and dedication to delivering a truly outstanding service. This is backed up by a large collection of awards including “Highly Commended for Customer Service,” and twice winner of “Financial Services.”

An ambitious business, they turned to Lucky 6 Marketing to profile their friendly and approachable manner in a way that would really make them stand out.

“We tasked Lucky 6 Marketing with making a video that would profile our amazing team, encourage younger customers to engage with our business and make us standout online. They took care of the whole process and fully produced four videos for us from one recording session. The outcome was fantastic. Our social media went crazy and even to this day, we meet people that talk about the videos. I cannot recommend Lucky 6 Marketing enough especially if you want to stand out on social media.”

Social Media Videos for Red Star Wealth Management

Kristen approached Lucky 6 Marketing to make a video to profile the team at Red Star Wealth Management. After a short consultation, Kristen particularly liked the idea of using the office dog as the main subject of the video. The idea of convenying a message the conventional way didn’t appear to Red Star Wealth Management, they wanted something a little more, outside of the box. A depiction that better portrayed their friendly and unique team.

Following the initial meeting the idea was developed, a narrative created and a strategy for the videos produced. From one day’s shoot, we created a total of five videos for Facebook and YouTube.

One video was published a week with advertising spend applied to target a larger audience. The results were:

+ 132 Likes, comments and shares

+ 309 post clicks

+ 1,463 total minutes viewed

+ 10,179 people reached

It was a huge pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking company and to have the opportunity to put into practices some of our more advanced social media tactics. You can still find these videos in prime position on the Red Star Wealth management Facebook page and website.