Quick Tips For Anyone New To Social Media

How much do we really say on our Facebook page? Or even how much should we say on Facebook in general?

When Facebook punched its way onto the Internet and into our mobile devices it gave business all over the world the opportunity to develop a personality.

It may sound odd but even the industry giants use social media as a social tool. For example Tesco, ASDA and even Waitrose have used real employees on their online and in-store campaigns in order to look more “real” to their customers.

Prior to this these campaigns, most marketing efforts were about a big faceless logo, a jab in the eye to their competitors and the occasional bum tapping to indicate their ever lower prices – which worked. Until that one little word in social media sprung up. Social.

So how social should we be on our Facebook page? At Lucky 6 we give each client’s audience what they want. For instance, for a cleaning client, we create visual images and post cleaning tips using everyday items. For our photographer clients, we post images – literally all day long. But for ourselves as Lucky 6 we make out posts about, well, us.

On Twitter, you are more likely to receive followers if you use a face as a profile photo as opposed to a logo.

People want to relate to people.

It’s social. Be social.

But then how much should we share? Should I tell you that I wrote this blog whilst sat on the sofa at home watching trash TV and eating crumpets?

There are no rules to what you can and can’t say but there is etiquette.

You probably shouldn’t post that you hate a certain politician on your Facebook page, you probably shouldn’t post it on your personal profile but it’s your opinion. Why not.
If I were to post on the Lucky 6 Facebook page;
The new Prime Minister Edward Humperdinck is a ******” I may have a good point, but it certainly isn’t appropriate! And it isn’t the opinion of the business.

That’s an extreme point really but we post that we are having staff meetings, and when we are in coffee shops having “extreme” staff meetings. Is that appropriate? Well, our fans like it, and we get interaction so it must be right.

Arguably I would get one hell of a reaction from the Edward Humperdinck remark but it’s not the right interaction. It isn’t positive to the business nor does it have anything to do with social media.

If I was to conclude this whole social/business divide I would just say, give them what they want. Use your employees as media, your employees have friends and family on Facebook that want to see what they are doing. Tell the world when you are having an “extreme” coffee meeting.
Post the photo of Derek from the mail room falling into his birthday cake. It’s good media and it’s your media.

Social media has given us the opportunity to let the personality of each business shine into the online world. So use it.

As we say here at Lucky 6, the USP of our company is us.

Because that’s what makes the business come to life. People.

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  1. Hi Terry
    I love your descriptions of appropriate /inappropriate facebook comments , as you know ,I am a bit of a facebook phobe, and am put off by possibly writing an incorrect post.
    I do agree that my patients might be interested to see when I meet a friend and go to the gym as it shows I am trying to practise what I preach , but may not be interested when I go for a night out with that same friend.
    Although ,some may be interested if I post that I have been told about the latest techniques and outcome findings of patient surgeries, and came upon this knowledge whilst out to dinner with a group of medics and an orthopaedic surgeon related his findings. I think it then give a personal touch that patients expect from my treatments.

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