Visual Content Marketing and Social Media

There is an increase in demand for visuals to be used on social media. This blog will go through why visual content marketing is vital and the different types you can use.


Spending time producing visual content can feel like a lot of effort for some, but the social media benefits are proven. As posts with relevant visual content obtain 94% more views than content without visuals. In addition to this, across all platforms, including visual content provokes higher engagement rates. 

Here are some statistics you might like to know;

  • Infographics see 12% more traffic and around 200% more shares for posts with images.
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without.
  • Facebook posts with images receive 230% more engagement than text only posts.
  • Consumers are 4 times more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it.
  • 100 million hours of video is consumed via Facebook each day.

The statistics go on, but with that kind of return in exposure and engagement it is definitely worth the effort.

As consumers connect more with visual based content, there are increases in the use of platforms that are purely designed for visuals. For example, Instagram has seen a huge rise in time spent per day on its social platform. Time to go through some of the contributing factors that make visuals vital in social media.

Quick to Process

Visuals are vital because they have the power to quickly deliver the message you are broadcasting and are more stimulating to the viewer. It is wired within us to be more responsive to visuals, as 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. On top of that we can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which is an amazing thought. 

This is important to consider as nowadays we have short attention spans, particularly while scrolling through social media. So making eye catching visuals is a brilliant way to grab your audience’s attention in an instant. 

More Memorable

Following on from the speed at which our brains can process visuals, research has repeatedly shown that visuals are easier to remember. Something that is desirable when trying to build your brand awareness.

This is due to visuals prompting a chain reaction in the brain, triggering it to recall previous memories and information already stored. This all contributes to building and solidifying concepts in our minds surrounding a brand or product.

However, as 80% of marketers are using images within their social media content, you need to make sure your content doesn’t get lost in the crowd. So it’s important to make unique content that reflects your brand.


Social media is all about building connections with like minded people. For businesses it provides a platform for consumers to get to know and build trust with a brand. This is largely done through creating content that forms a connection with your target audience on some emotional level. 

Visual images heighten that ability for the consumer, allowing them to get to know your brand on an emotional level. Content showcasing people in the office or user generated content of a customer enjoying their product, instantly creates the opportunity for a higher level of relateability with a brand.

visual content marketing

4 Vital Types of Visuals

Visual content marketing can come in many different forms, but these are 4 we feel are important on social media. 


A great way to deliver highly factual information is through infographics. They increase the readability aspect, therefore making the content more digestible to the viewer.

As an added bonus, they have the ability to reflect your brands value, knowledge and skill to your audience. Something which can build brand trust, so it is important when creating infographics that they are on brand.


If you have a text heavy update, or even a testimonial you wish to publish on social media. Graphics provide an excellent solution in making text visual and more engaging to the viewer, therefore holding your target audiences attention.

Another creative way of engaging with your audience is through producing visual puzzles or quizzes. Particularly for brands wishing to deliver a tone that reflects their creativity and knowledge, this can be an effective content type.



Stunning photos can be a powerful tool for showing off products or services. They are one of the biggest contributing influencers on consumer purchasing decisions, so for any business it is fundamental to have good quality images showing these aspects off. 

Photos can also be used as a way to allow viewers a behind the scenes look into your business. Customers want to get to know the brand on a more personal level and this is an excellent way to do it. In addition, photographs that show a persons face have higher engagement levels than those without. So including a picture of your staff in action is a great way to show more of your brands personality.


On social media there is a rise in popularity for short videos, and these are a useful way to showcase your brand’s voice. These videos could vary from how to videos to company insights, they all offer the opportunity to reveal more about the brand. 

Videos are a good way to break up some of your content to keep it interesting, it also means your viewer is engaging with your content for a longer period of time than with a still image. This is always a good thing.

For quality photos and videos, it is nice to have a professional on hand, but don’t worry if you don’t. A good quality phone has the capabilities of producing decent content for social media.


Rounding it up

Visuals are vital on social media. However, it is important to think outside the box when creating your own visual content. It is also key to have consistency in styling to build up your brand identity online. If you can’t create your own infographics, simply brand up images with your logo. Creating visuals doesn’t have to be complicated!

If you would like help creating any of your own visual content marketing, please feel free to contact us on 01772 935 116 or email info@lucky6marketing.co