When Not To Vlog

Video blogs or Vlogs have been growing in popularity over the past three years. This growth is the result of two main factors. Firstly, they make for powerful content on social media and secondly, they only require a smartphone to produce. However, it is important to know when not to Vlog.

When done right they carry a lot of value. But, when done wrong, they can detract from the message and even negatively impact on a brand or perception of a person.

Don’t worry, we are not about to sell you our service; video production for social media. Instead, we wish to plant a different idea in your head. An often overlooked but powerful way to get a message to your audience. This content holds advantages over Vlogs and is significantly easier to create.

Before we introduce you to this idea lets have look at why Vlogs can and often do go wrong.

The Artform of Vlogs

Good Vlogs are a skilled pursuit. They require a combination of individual skills that are hard to attain. You must graft and have a passion to attain these skills. Many individuals known as popular or famous vloggers have often spent seven or more years working on developing these skills.

Below is a quick list of what you need to be competent at before you can Vlog like a pro.
• Understanding camera equipment and lenses
• Sound recording and editing
• Shooting footage in various lighting conditions
• Editing footage to make a slick production
• Narrative and storytelling via video production
• Presenting and conveying information in a clear fashion
• File formats and codecs
• Basic uploading and streaming knowledge
• An understanding of how to serve this content on social media.

Great Vlogs are an artform. They take true creativity and skilled technical knowledge. If you have a passion to develop, improve and work on this artform then pursue vlogs.
However, if you have found yourself vlogging because everyone else is doing it then maybe think about putting time into the following.

The Power of Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for over a decade. No longer shiny and new they are often overlooked as a blog style broadcast medium. Think about the advantages they offer.

Firstly, you do not have to give your full attention to a podcast. It is just audio. When you watch a vlog, your whole attention must be on the video. Therefore, it is important to make them visually entertaining. A podcast can be listened to in the shower, when driving, while shopping and while on a run, to name a few.

Secondly, it takes much less production. If you find yourself shooting a vlog which involves you speaking to a single camera for ten minutes, then seriously consider making a podcast. A podcast is just a monologue. A presentation of your ideas to a recording device.

Think of podcasts like a book. They are great at placing compelling ideas into the reader’s mind. Vlogs are far more like television. Half the battle is to win the viewers attention.


To be fair, the pursuit of making either an outstanding Vlog or an amazing podcast is honourable. The experience you will gain from trying to produce either will become a considerable asset in the long-term.

However, with time often at a premium, it is worth seriously considering podcasts. Now an older form of delivering ideas and often overlooked for new shiny Vlogs. A good podcast will give you some serious advantages.

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