6 Basics on Twitter You Cannot Afford To Miss

Just like inspector gadget Twitter is full of handy little tools to help you make the most of the platform and its PR benefits. Some are common sense while others are often missed or not appreciated.

In this quick blog post, we profile six simple amendments to your Twitter profile that will help you become worthy of remark (AKA Remarkable). Which of the six below is your favourite?

 1. Become a toffee apple

Like a toffee apple thrown at a wall a good name on Twitter will stick. As you may already know a sticky name is great marketing. If people identify you by your brand instead of your own name then you are #winning!

Getting the right name on Twitter, that allows you to do the above, may be difficult. Many are now taken so it may be worth coming up with a few ideas and finding one that is still available.

> Use Namechk to see if your username is available on Twitter and many other social media websites – namechk.com

 2. Make your profile picture a diamond

This is so important. You see some Twitter profiles that have published 20,000 or more tweets and the profile picture is rubbish. Do not be one of these people. Every time you post a tweet you publish your profile picture. Do not waste this consistent piece of content.

Like a good diamond make your profile picture clear. Far away or close you will still see light beam from a diamond. Your Twitter profile needs to be like this. It needs to stand out, catch peoples’ eyes and even be seen when small.

Is your profile picture a diamond, cut glass or a pebble?

 3. The first rule of murder!

The first rule of murder is don’t tell anyone! People only know what you tell them and this needs to be applied to your Twitter bio.

How do you summarise who you are in 160 characters? Well as you have probably already found out it’s very difficult. If you are like many other humans and this type of deep intense thought “who am I? What is my life?” causes your brain to melt then do not worry. This is totally normal. Simply remember the fact above: people only know what you tell them.

What three things sum you up? Summarise these and put them in your Twitter bio. Live with this bio for a few weeks and read it every now and again as a visitor would. Once you have done this you will find it easier to edit and develop your bio over time.

Too busy? Let a computer generate one for you… if you dare?

“Hardcore zombie practitioner. Evil travel aficionado. Reader. Award-winning music ninja.”


 4. The last 10%

Did you know you can upload an image as your Twitter background? That’s right! Imagine you are looking at someone’s Twitter profile on your desktop PC. You click one of their tweets to find out more information and boom! All that space on the left and right of the Twitter feed is retail space. Somewhere to put extra info and images that will enhance your brand.

I can already hear the social media nerds shouting at their screen as they read this “But you only see the background when using a desktop PC and over half the users on Twitter use the platform via their phones!” As usual, the social media nerds are correct… but don’t forget about the last 10%

If you have the opportunity to stand out and to be different why not?

 5. Give it away

To those new to social media please understand one thing – Hashtags come from Twitter. This is where they were invented and still work at their most powerful. However, there is an irony to them.

For a hashtag to be successful you need to design a good one and then release ownership of it. That’s right! Create it and give it away. Hashtags are only powerful when others use them for you.

 6. What is your colour?

If you had one colour, a colour that represented you what would it be? Nice choice… I would have never imagined.

This colour can be applied to your Twitter profile. It will be the colour used to highlight all the links and titles on your profile. A very subtle way of reinforcing your brand.

Find out how to change your Twitter design via the following link: https://support.twitter.com/articles/15357-customizing-your-design#

With the above information, I set you free to fly to your Twitter. Don’t forget to be a toffee apple, be a diamond, don’t forget the first rule of murder, use the last 10%, give it away and choose your colour.

If you find these tips useful or can think of any new ones please feel free to tweet me @leegiacopazzi or @lucky6marketing and by all means please do leave a comment below.

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  1. Like the advice in this post. I see you offer social media to many businesses in Lancashire and Preston. Do you have any advice for someone who runs a community cafe in the area?