Website Design in Lancashire

We don’t often shout about our website design services. But we really should! Every business has a website, many people refer to websites as a businesses ‘shop window’. We just believe they are ridiculously powerful marketing tools. Whether you’re selling online or just want to be found on Google, you’re going to need a website. But it’s not just about looking pretty. Load speeds, image sizes, SEO friendly copy, navigation. They are integral to the success of your site. Don’t worry if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, we can take it from here.

We have created a number of websites for our clients over the years, from simple landing page sites to brochure sites. If you are looking for a clear and modern website that’s easy to maintain and can be updated in house, we can help! We don’t believe in creating a website and then locking it down so you can’t make simple changes. That sounds like a hostage situation. We aren’t cool with that.

Our Approach to Website Design

We take a simplified approach to website design. We don’t want to overcomplicate things. A website should be easy to navigate, as soon as you add too many complicated obstacles to a website, you’re going to lose viewers. You don’t want that. Google doesn’t want that. We don’t want that.

When you speak to most web agencies, they want to create all singing, all dancing 16 page websites that glow in the dark. Now that’s all well and good for some businesses, but we understand if you’re looking for something a little more down to earth. For some businesses they just want a website that features their contact details, talks about their services and maybe has a gallery or blog section. Simple but effective.

Here’s one we made earlier:

An example of website design in Lancashire

The brief was simple, the client wanted a website that clearly featured their contact details, outlined their services and provided a login portal for their clients.  See the finished Cheetham Jackson Mortgages website here.

The Importance of Pages and Copy

Have you ever read a website and noticed every now and again there are random words lodged within sentences that don’t quite fit? That’s someones attempt at search engine optimisation. You see, if you want to be found for a certain keyword, for example accountants Preston, Google wants to see that keyword distributed throughout your web page. But it’s a very delicate art! if you use the key phrase too often or use it in-genuinely, Google won’t like that. And we really don’t want to upset Google. They are the ones that decide where your website is placed in the search engine.

Find out more about our copywriting service here.

When it comes to search engine optimisation or SEO, it’s all about the copy! It’s within the copy you can embed your keywords and keyword phrases. So it’s important you decide what these phrases are. If not, don’t worry as we can take care of that! The more pages you have on your website, the most opportunities you have to utilise keywords. Every page on your website can have a keyword or phrase, but it’s not just the words that matter. 

Images, video and layout all have a significant impact when it comes to website design. This is what we bring to website design in Lancashire

Keeping The Readers Reading

Have you ever tried to write about yourself? It’s a tough task. Even though you know yourself inside and out, actually sitting down and writing about yourself can be a real challenge. It’s the same when it comes to your business. Sometimes when we write about ourselves, we aren’t sure what to say. This is where it’s good to have an outside perspective. We combine our copywriting services with our website design services, which means we not only create your site, we populate it too. 

We get to know your brand, we highlight your key features and unique selling points before creating compelling copy that your readers will be glued to. After all, it’s all well and good having lots of pages on your website, but if the copy is poor and you present the reader with a solid paragraph of text, you might lose out. They will lose interest and leave your website. This is bad, Google doesn’t want this! The aim of the game is to keep people on your site for as long as possible. 

We combine creative copy with easy to read layouts to keep the readers interest. Then we add into the mix pictures and videos. You know, to add some visually pleasing distractions that keep people interested. Everyone loves a pretty picture.

Make It Visual

Imagine you’re in supermarket, hiding in the magazine section. You have to choose between two, you flick through the first and it’s solid text, page to page words. The second magazine features a vibrant layout with images scattered throughout. You are probably going to buy the second magazine, because it’s more appealing. That’s the importance of good imagery.

We’re not just talking about a nice feature image. We want to see pictures and videos throughout pages, interwoven with well written copy. By doing this you’re not just satisfying your audience, Google will like it too!

If you don’t have visuals, now is a great opportunity to get some. Capture your team in action, profile your products and showcase your workspace. All of these things make your business unique and they look great online and offline. Take this opportunity to capture fresh new images, our photography services  can take care of your visual needs. If you really want to take things up a notch, how about video? Video is a great way to keep people on your web pages!

Our Process

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