Understanding the Facebook Algorithm – Getting Your Content Seen!

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Understanding the Facebook Algorithm – Getting Your Content Seen! The Facebook algorithm, one of the most powerful AI software programs, decides what you see on your Facebook timeline. The average user will spend 20 minutes a day on the platform. In that time they may see up to 300 updates from friends, pages and adverts. […]

PR in Lancashire

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PR in Lancashire Having your business featured in a publication goes hand in hand with social media. The perception of your business can be significantly improved in your customer’s eyes and even those of your competitors. Find out how you can make PR in Lancashire work for you! Recent developments in the world of press […]

Drive Traffic From Twitter That Converts

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Using Twitter to Drive Online Traffic Each social media platform has its strength and weaknesses. The major strength of Twitter is the ability to drive traffic to online destinations of your choice. The question is; as a business, are you doing this yet? Twitter links compared to Facebook and Instagram All social media platforms can […]

Lucky Tip: LinkedIn Networking

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Lucky Tip: LinkedIn Networking In business first impressions matter. However, it is common for professionals to forget about subsequent impressions and how they may affect how someone thinks of them. If you network regularly have you thought about how new contacts may learn more about you following your first meeting? LinkedIn is a great tool […]

Lucky Tip: Facebook for Business

Lee in the lucky 6 office

Lucky Tip: Facebook for Business A basic mistake and surprisingly common. As with many pursuits in Marketing, a strong foundation is essential. Make sure you are using Facebook correctly from the start. When representing a business on Facebook use a business Page rather than a personal profile. Why is this important? Aside from being the […]

In Memory of Jonathan Lee

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I write this blog after returning from a crowded funeral. For the past few weeks I have been coming to terms with the tragic death of Jonathan Lee. A local business owner and all round fantastic guy. At the age of 36 he has been taken from us far too early. He leaves a Lancashire […]

Social Media – The Marathon

marathon runner

Social Media – The Marathon It is always inspirational to watch the London Marathon. The drama of the elite athletes pushing the limits of the human body.  The armature runners pushing for personal goals in record numbers. These challenges are like those faced when a business wishes to be successful on social media. It is an […]

Social Media Planning

social media planning

Social Media Planning To get the most from social media and your efforts managing it, be sure to plan and plan well. With purpose, direction and persistence you can make your business stand out in a big way. On the World Wide Web, you face competition from every other user publishing content. To carve out […]

Annoying Things On Social Media Everyone Should Do


Annoying Things On Social Media Everyone Should Do There are plenty of guides about things your business should be doing on social media but have you ever thought of the things many advise you not to do? Social media is a noisy place. It is full of billions of voices from around the world which […]

Six ways to fail at marketing and how to fix them

Six Ways To Fail At Marketing And How To Fix Them While being an established business affords many advantages, there are a few common marketing mistakes many experienced businesses make. These mistakes often develop from having an established customer base and historical practices. It is great to be in the position to rely on historical […]

What Trump is doing to social media in 2017

What Is Trump Doing To Social Media In 2017? For just under nine years I have had the privilege of providing bespoke social media in Lancashire. From these years of experience working on just about every social platform and working with many companies, I like to think I have learnt a thing or two about social […]

5 social media game changers from November 2016

5 Social Media Game Changers From November 2016 As the festive season rolls in we look at five huge developments from the social media world in November 2016. Some are game changers while most are updates to general functions and uses. So sit back, take a big slurp of eggnog and have a read below. […]