Your Strategic Guide to Instagram Stories

Your Strategic Guide to Instagram Stories As an organisation, you now have an array of options when it comes to publishing content on Facebook and Instagram. This is mainly due to the implementation of stories on both these platforms. Think of both the timeline view and story mode as tools

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The Lancashire Business Expo and Your Social Media

The Lancashire Business Expo and Your Social Media The Lancashire Business Expo offers two great opportunities for local businesses. Firstly, the event itself brings together many orgnisations making it a great day to meet and chat to key business people. The second opportunity comes from the strong social media community

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Brexit Business Strategy

Nobody really knows what is going to happen on the 29th March 2019. The mainstream media are covering the doom and gloom angle. There is chance that without an agreement imports and exports may be delayed at the boarder. The pound may drop and inflation may rise. Now is the time to develop your Brexit business strategy. 

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How to Use Instagram for Business

Since 2010, users have been uploading, editing and hash-tagging images to Instagram. The platform now has 600 million monthly active users (as of January 2019). Is your business tapping into this audience?

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8 Benefits of Blogging for Small Business

Blogging is an important part of a small business marketing mix. With consistent blogs, that deliver value to your target market, you can really set your business apart from competitors and other much larger businesses. With this in mind, we look at 8 key benefits of blogging for small business.

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When Not To Vlog

Video blogs or Vlogs have been growing in popularity over the past three years. This growth is the result of two main factors. Firstly, they make for powerful content on social media and secondly, they only require a smartphone to produce.

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