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Hey there! You have stumbled upon our blog section. For many years our expert team have been writing weekly blog posts all relating to social media marketing. There’s everything from Twitter tips and Facebook insights to advice and ‘how to’ guides that could benefit your business whatever it’s size. Sit down, have a cuppa and browse our posts – we have written them just for you. 

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Your Business, Marketing and Coronavirus

A guide to help you plan your marketing activities and links to helpful resources during the COVID-19 outbreak.

13 Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is the most versatile marketing tool for any business, brand and organisation. As social media platforms develop and grow, this versatility is matched with growing complexity. This results in many common social media mistakes.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Content On Brand

6 Tips for Keeping Your Content On Brand Creating content can be a challenge for many companies. However, it is

Social Media Complaints – The Right Way To Do It

Social Media Complaints – The Right Way To Do It It has become normal for businesses to utilise social media

What makes a strong LinkedIn Profile?

What Makes a Strong LinkedIn Profile? LinkedIn is the business social network that allows you to connect with other professionals.

Social Media for IFAs

Social Media for IFAs Every business, whether it’s professional, retail or commercial can make the most of social media marketing! In

How well do you know your target audience?

How Well Do You Know Your Target Audience? An essential ingredient in becoming successful as a business is knowing your

Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram Stories for Business Consumers are becoming more and more interested in getting to know the brands they love on

Visual Resources for Social Media

Visual Resources for Social Media Every social media platforms now incorporates visuals in some way. Whether it be simple pictures,

Visuals are Vital in Social Media

Visuals are Vital in Social Media There is an increase in demand for visuals to be used within social media

Ember Wood Fired Oven Photoshoot

Ember Wood Fired Oven Photoshoot Food pictures and social media go hand in hand. So when the Alfresco Chef approached

6 Social Media Values All Experts Should Know

6 Social Media Values All Experts Should Know It is widely considered that social media values exist, and social media itself

How To Use Instagram Hashtags Effectively

How To Use Instagram Hashtags Effectively Hashtags have become a fundamental tool across all platforms within social media, especially for

Social Media for Accountants

Social Media for Accountants Social Media marketing is something every business can utilise, regardless of sector. For some industries managing

Wrea Green Wedding Video

Wrea Green Wedding - Event Coverage When asked if you wish to do certain projects you have to answer “I


The bake off is back and already Twitter is flooded with tweets #GBBO. But what is the connection between The Great British Bake Off & Social Media?

Why’s Joy Here?

Who is Joy and why is she the newest member of the Lucky 6 Marketing team? Find out in this blog!

Preston Bus Station Project

An art project that encompassed the entire length of the Preston Bus Station. Find out about this iconic landmark and our involvement in the project.

Your Strategic Guide to Instagram Stories

Your Strategic Guide to Instagram Stories As an organisation, you now have an array of options when it comes to

Twitter Dark Mode and Social Media Developments

Over the past month, there have been some huge social media developments. From Twitter dark mode to other interesting updates. In this blog, we’ll see what is new in the world of social media and outline how this could benefit you.

The Lancashire Business Expo and Your Social Media

The Lancashire Business Expo and Your Social Media The Lancashire Business Expo offers two great opportunities for local businesses. Firstly,

My Social Media Job: What Have I Learnt?

My Social Media Job: What Have I Learnt? I have now been working at Lucky 6 Marketing for about four

Brexit Business Strategy

Nobody really knows what is going to happen on the 29th March 2019. The mainstream media are covering the doom and gloom angle. There is chance that without an agreement imports and exports may be delayed at the boarder. The pound may drop and inflation may rise. Now is the time to develop your Brexit business strategy. 

How to Use Instagram for Business

Since 2010, users have been uploading, editing and hash-tagging images to Instagram. The platform now has 600 million monthly active users (as of January 2019). Is your business tapping into this audience?

8 Benefits of Blogging for Small Business

Blogging is an important part of a small business marketing mix. With consistent blogs, that deliver value to your target market, you can really set your business apart from competitors and other much larger businesses. With this in mind, we look at 8 key benefits of blogging for small business.

When Not To Vlog

Video blogs or Vlogs have been growing in popularity over the past three years. This growth is the result of two main factors. Firstly, they make for powerful content on social media and secondly, they only require a smartphone to produce.

How to build a Twitter following from scratch

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform that has attracted over the years a number of businesses all keen to share their message and promote their goods and services.

How to create content for social media

When creating content for your business you must have value at the forefront of your mind. Particularly, think about what may be of value to your customers and target market.

Facebook Data – 5 ways to inform your marketing

A quick list containing five of the key ways you can quickly access Facebook page data to help inform future marketing for your business.

Lancashire Social Media Tip – Twitter Hours

In Lancashire, we have a great business community with many using Twitter. If you wish to connect to other Lancashire organisations use the following Twitter hours.

Do you use this hashtag secret?

Organisations and businesses will often search their local hashtags to see what’s going on in their area. It’s also a great way of finding new followers.

What’s Your Facebook Role?

What’s Your Facebook Role? Page Roles offer some fantastic ways to manage your Facebook page with a team of marketing

Recession rears its ugly head

Recession rears its ugly head I have been fortunate to have managed a limited company for the past seven years.

Facebook! You’re doing it all wrong

Facebook! You’re doing it all wrong The average Facebook user will spend 20 minutes a day on the platform. In

PR in Lancashire

PR in Lancashire Having your business featured in a publication goes hand in hand with social media. The perception of

Using Twitter to Drive Online Traffic

Using Twitter to Drive Online Traffic Each social media platform has its strength and weaknesses. The major strength of Twitter

Should your business use emojis?

Should your business use emojis? In its most basic form, social media is simply a method of communication. Emojis are

Lucky Tip: Tweeting on the go!

Lucky Tip: Tweeting on the go! Real world digital content at its best. Social media is all about immediacy and

Lucky Tip: LinkedIn Networking

Lucky Tip: LinkedIn Networking In business first impressions matter. However, it is common for professionals to forget about subsequent impressions

Lucky Tip: Facebook for Business

Lucky Tip: Facebook for Business A basic mistake and surprisingly common. As with many pursuits in Marketing a strong foundation

The Rise of Fake News

The rise of fake news President Donald Trump, Brexit and the General Election all have one thing in common, the

In Memory of Jonathan Lee

I write this blog after returning from a crowded funeral. For the past few weeks I have been coming to

Social Media – Sharing is Caring

Social Media - Sharing is Caring Social Media is all about sharing. Sharing what you’ve had for dinner is popular

Social Media – The Marathon

Social Media - The Marathon It is always inspirational to watch the London Marathon. The drama of the elite athletes pushing

Social Media Planning

To get the most from social media and your efforts managing it, be sure to plan and plan well. With


#OscarsFail Admittedly the UK isn’t that crazy about the Oscars. Granted there will be those that watch the entrance to

Annoying Things On Social Media Everyone Should Do

There are plenty of guides about things your business should be doing on social media but have you ever thought

Emoji Power

Instagram has recently announced its 10 most used emojis of 2016 and surprisingly most of them involve a heart. Since

Six ways to fail at marketing and how to fix them

While being an established business affords many advantages, there are a few common marketing mistakes many experienced businesses make. These

What Trump is doing to social media in 2017

For just under six years I have had the privilege of providing bespoke social media in Lancashire. From these years of

5 social media game changers from November 2016

5 Social Media Game Changers From November 2016 As the festive season rolls in we look at five huge developments

Social Media Developments from October 2016 that you Cannot Afford to Miss!

There is certainly big news in October. Facebook launches a new platform whilst Twitter kills off one of theirs. Viewing

6 Secrets to Success with Facebook Pages

There is no doubt that Facebook is the king of social media platforms but with the great opportunities that comes

What you need to know about 360 videos

Predicting the future of social media is often difficult but every now and again there are developments that you just

Social Media in September 2016

From new technology to new platform names and US voting, September has been a most interesting month for social media.

Virtual Reality – Future Communication

Back in the 90s we were promised virtual reality that would free us from our body and allow our minds

Sun, Sausage and Socializing

We finally did it. After many requests we held a barbecue at the Lucky 6 Marketing office in Preston. By

Social Media in August 2016

Autumn 2016 is upon us and Instagram, for a second month, leads the charge with new developments and updates to

Your invite to the Lucky 6 Barbecue

Join us this month for our first ever barbeque! Free food, free drinks and a fantastic networking opportunity. Our belated

Social Media in July 2016

That’s right it is August already! Only 30 days ago we were saying the same about July. How has your

Pokemon Go & Social Media

Last week Pokémon Go swept the UK, and the Lucky 6 Offices. As Pokémon was a childhood favourite of mine,

Social Media in June 2016

In a month that saw the UK vote to leave the EU it is easy to miss important social media

Networking in the Lake District

It is not every day you are offered the chance to attend one of the most exclusive networking events in

Marketing post Brexit

Marketing post Brexit It is not certain but it seems likely England is to leave the EU. With this shock

Social Media in May 2016

May has not disappointed in terms of social media developments. From a simpler Twitter, to political intrigue and a new

From the Pigsties to the Cart Shed

The Lucky 6 Marketing team have graduated from The Old Pigsties to the Cart Shed at Clifton Fields in Preston.

Social Media in April 2016

Full of developments, April has been a fairly quiet but significant month for social media. In the background huge changes

Understand Marketing and Sales on Social Media

One of the most misunderstood parts of business is marketing and sales. Two distinct roles that influence each other greatly.

Social Media in March 2016

How was your social media in March? The month of Easter has brought a 10-year anniversary, interesting reports and tweaks

Quick Tips For Anyone New To Social Media

As social media specialists we often encounter businesses that have yet to consistently use social media. Their main concerns which

Vlog – Lancashire Business Expo Setup

Join me as the Lucky 6 Marketing team setup for the biggest, most influential and by far most fun business

Social Media in February 2016

How was your February social media? This month’s main developments have seen Facebook tweak its core ‘Like’ feature and Twitter

Vlog – 12 Hour Working Day

For the past five years networking has helped me develop Lucky 6 Marketing. It currently makes up a large part

Social Media in January 2016

The first 31 days of 2016 have not disappointed on social media. From iconic images, viral trends and big announcements

Be Social at #LBE2016

One of the largest business Expos in Lancashire is about to roll into town. Say hello to the Lancashire Business

Need To Know Social Media Predictions for 2016

2015 was a great year for social media but the question everyone wants to know is what will 2016 bring?

4 Different Types of Social Media Managers

4 Different Types of social media managers Successful social media is a long-term pursuit. You need to set a strategy,

Social Media ROI

The literal meaning of ROI is Return On Investment. However, it is commonly misused or at least misunderstood. Most business

To like or to dislike?

Last month Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook is to rollout a dislike button. More recently visuals and videos for this

On The Winning Table

The ball room was pink, there was a huge abundance of drinks and everyone was in great spirit. We had

Lucky 6 Marketing is Moving

Big news Lucky 6 Marketing fans. We are going to have a new home. As of Monday 28th September 2015

My Face and 26k Loops on Vine

This is a strange story about my face, Vine and an overnight success. It just highlights the quick-fire quality of

Social Media Game Changer

Tweets will now be shown in Google search results. For years there has been talk of this but now it

Should that be on Facebook?

How much do we really say on our Facebook page? Or even how much should we say on Facebook in

6 Basics on Facebook You Cannot Afford To Miss

6 Facebook Marketing Strategies There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world.

Fears for Social Media Optimisation

For quite some time now I have harboured a dull, quiet fear for SMO (Social Media Optimisation). I think it

Understand how to use video on 6 influential platforms

If a picture is worth a thousand words than a Vine video, at six seconds long, must be worth 24,000

Live Social Media From Best of Britannia

Live Social Media From Best of Britannia Last week we had the pleasure of heading down to the old post

6 Basics on Twitter You Cannot Afford To Miss

6 Basics on Twitter You Cannot Afford To Miss Just like inspector gadget Twitter is full of handy little tools

30 Years In The Making

Basic Business Lessons - 30 Years In The Making This feels like quite a landmark for me. I am turning

Trending on Twitter – Over a million uses of the hashtag #lbe2015

Trending on Twitter – Over a million uses of the hashtag #lbe2015 Last week it was a distinct pleasure of

Postal Coffee

Postal Coffee If you saw a sponsored update on Facebook that read "The best coffee you've ever made" would you

6 Steps To Improve Your Luck On LinkedIn

6 Steps To Improve Your Luck On LinkedIn At Lucky 6 Marketing we don’t believe luck happens by chance. We

Tweeting after hours

Tweeting after hours As a household rule we say "no business tweets after 7pm" and it's a household rule that's

6 Ways To Use Facebook Like A Pro

6 Ways To Use Facebook Like A Pro If Facebook was a country it would have the largest population in

Digital Marketing in the Lake District

Digital Marketing in the Lake District Yes that’s right Terri and I hung up our business jackets for a weekend

6 Key Tips For Amazing Social Content

6 Key Tips For Amazing Social Content All good social media begins with great creativity. One of the questions we

#QuickTip: Profile Pictures

#QuickTip: Profile Pictures Be social and use a photo of your face for your personal online profiles. The human mind

Fizzy Bath Bombs

So after hearing you could make bath bombs from every day household items I decided to look into it a

Outsource or in-house?

Outsource or in-house? When it comes to managing your social media you have two choices. Firstly, you can hire a

Three Key Questions To Plan Your Social Media

Three Key Questions To Plan Your Social Media How much time do you have? Social media is not free. It

6 Ways To Ace Your Social Media in 2015

6 Ways To Ace Your Social Media in 2015 Did you know that in the film Back To The Future