Social Media – Sharing is Caring

Social Media – Sharing Is Caring Social Media is all about sharing. Sharing what you’ve had for dinner is popular on Instagram, whilst sharing what you’ve been up to on Facebook is common place. It’s important that we continue to share every one of our worldly experiences; whether that be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn […]


Oscar Awards

#OscarsFail Admittedly the UK isn’t that crazy about the Oscars. Granted there will be those that watch the entrance to see whose wearing what, in years past I have done the same. But this year I was totally oblivious to the Oscars, until 6am this morning when I checked Twitter to see the #OscarsFail memes […]

Annoying Things On Social Media Everyone Should Do


Annoying Things On Social Media Everyone Should Do There are plenty of guides about things your business should be doing on social media but have you ever thought of the things many advise you not to do? Social media is a noisy place. It is full of billions of voices from around the world which […]

Social Media Developments from October 2016 that you Cannot Afford to Miss!

Social Media Developments Trom October 2016 That You Cannot Afford To Miss! There is certainly big news in October. Facebook launches a new platform whilst Twitter kills off one of theirs. Viewing video on TV is about to become a whole lot easier and LinkedIn are finally catching up. Have a quick read below to […]

What you need to know about 360 videos

What You Need To Know About 360 Videos Predicting the future of social media is often difficult but every now and again there are developments that you just know are going to take hold and become popular. One such innovation is 360 degree photos and videos. Social media has always been about breaking down barriers […]

Social Media in September 2016

Social Media In September 2016 From new technology to new platform names and US voting, September has been a most interesting month for social media. Last month, Social Media in August 2016, we profiled the development of Instagram and how it was directly taking on SnapChat. Well, SnapChat has responded with some very exciting developments. […]

Social Media in August 2016

Social Media in August 2016 Autumn 2016 is upon us and Instagram, for a second month, leads the charge with new developments and updates to their app. Pinch and zoom or tell a story? We are doing both but have you used the new features yet? See below for more information on these popular updates. […]

Social Media in July 2016

Social Media in July 2016 That’s right it is August already! Only 30 days ago we were saying the same about July. How has your month been? If, like us, you have been very busy then you may enjoy the updates below. We present you with the key social media developments from July 2016.   […]

Pokemon Go & Social Media

Pokemon Go & Social Media Last week Pokémon Go swept the UK, and the Lucky 6 Offices. As Pokémon was a childhood favourite of mine, I was particularly excited to download the app and catch ‘em all. Now, augmented reality is never as awesome as you see on the adverts, but Pokémon has brought AR […]

Social Media in June 2016

Social Media in June 2016 In a month that saw the UK vote to leave the EU it is easy to miss important social media developments. In the background, the social media platforms that we use to communicate are continuing to develop, change and improve. Read below for this month’s noteworthy social media news.   […]

Social Media in May 2016

Social Media in May 2016 May has not disappointed in terms of social media developments. From a simpler Twitter, to political intrigue and a new design for Instagram there have been plenty of big developments. See below for just some of the most important and must know developments. Have we missed any? Are you looking […]

Social Media in April 2016

Social Media in April 2016 Full of developments, April has been a fairly quiet but significant month for social media. In the background huge changes are taking place which will alter how we all use our favourite platforms. How has your month on social media been? Over half the major developments are video related which […]